The wig is often an obligatory step in your cross-dressing. As a symbol of femininity and charm, female hair, especially long hair, is representative of this symbolism. This is why many of you are keen to find the wig that will please you and feminise your face. Festive, redheaded or bobbed, the choices are very varied, and there are many characteristics to take into account when choosing a wig. Golda presents today the Salomé wig, which will certainly seduce some of you.  


The Salomé wig: an essential for your cross-dressing 

When it comes to wigs for transvestites, there are two choices. On the one hand you will find the extrovert, colourful, seductive and feminine wigs, especially adapted to the night world, like the Aya parma wig. On the other side you find the more "natural" wigs, adapted to everyday life. This is the case with this Salomé wig.


Golda presents the Salome wig 

The Salome wig, from King's, is a quality wig with a human hair look. It is ideal for everyday use. Simple, elegant and feminine, this flaming red wig with fringe will definitely feminise your face. The wig is designed so that the natural movement of the hair "moves" over the face, which is something our dear Golda particularly likes. Thanks to its adjustable straps that offer you a perfect fit, this wig will provide you with, as Golda says so well, an incomparable comfort. 


Tips for using Golda

First of all, shake your wig to air it out and give it volume. After that, and after brushing your wig, place it on your head, moving it up and down your skull. For simplicity, lean forward. Then make sure the adjustable clips are secure and plated. Finally, style your wig as you wish with a comb and hairspray (if you wish). 


Golda's little extras

  • You can use hairspray to style your wig. 
  • Golda uses talcum powder on the wig before brushing it to mattify the wig. 


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