A symbol of femininity, lipstick is a make-up must-have. Between glamour and sensuality, lipstick is a must for men who want to cross-dress, as Golda reminds us. However, you all know one of the major problems of lipstick; it tends to leave traces. Well, now it doesn't, thanks to the lipstick fixative that Golda presents to us today.


Lipstick fixative: a must for your cross-dressing

Golda is surely not the only one to leave a trace of lipstick on her glasses or on the cheeks (or elsewhere) of her friends. Many of you have already had to deal with this problem. So what to do? Give up your favourite lipstick and let go of this symbol of femininity? Certainly not for Golda! The Lipstick Fixer is specially designed to solve this problem. It freezes your most beautiful lipstick so that it stays with you throughout your evening, and until the early hours of the morning if necessary.


Golda presents the lipstick fixative

The lipstick fixative, available in our dedicated section, comes in the form of a small vial with applicator. Based on alcohol, this product can be kept in its bottle in an airtight manner. The hairspray we have chosen for you is from the Peggy Sage brand; colourless and water-resistant, it can cope with any unexpected event.


Tips for using Golda

The fixative is applied directly on the previously applied layer of lipstick. You will find a selection of lipsticks specially chosen for men in drag in our lipstick section. Then, using the applicator, apply one or two coats of fixative to set your lipstick. As Golda points out, this varnish leaves absolutely no trace.


Golda's little extras

  • Remember to close the bottle after use to preserve the product.
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