After having tested countless mascaras, Golda is back today for a new tutorial. And it's not just any tutorial we're going to talk about, because today Golda presents HER favourite mascara, the one she's been using for many years, the Lovely cils mascara, by Peggy Sage.


Lovely lashes mascara: a must-have for your cross-dressing 

Mascara colours your lashes, accentuates your look and creates the illusion of longer or fuller lashes. If they only had to do one thing a day, many women would choose to apply mascara. This is why Golda pays so much attention to this gesture that is so attached to the feminine universe. With mascara, which you can find in our dedicated section, you can accentuate the depth of your eyes to make anyone who crosses your path fall under your charm.


Golda introduces you to the Lovely lashes mascara  

Peggy Sage products are renowned for their unrivalled value for money. It was Golda who inspired the Rigazo team to take an interest in Peggy Sage products, and she was right to do so. With unprecedented quality and a price that defies all competition, Peggy Sage products, and in particular this wonderful Lovely Lashes mascara, are made to delight you. This mascara is particularly appreciated by Golda for its very black aspect, which allows her to obtain a very dark and mysterious look. Easy to use, this mascara does not dry out to give you a long lasting hold. 


Tips for using Golda

Take your mascara and soak the applicator with product. To do this, Golda uses the 3-stroke rule... Well, she invented it. In fact there is no such rule, Golda simply moves the brush back and forth in the product three times to make sure it is well distributed. Then apply the mascara from the root of your lashes (or false lashes) to the tip. There's no need to press hard, just gently apply your brush to your lashes and use the tip to apply the mascara to the most difficult areas. For the lower lashes, Golda recommends a left to right movement to gently colour your lashes. 


Golda's little extras

  • The mascara can also be applied to your false lashes, this allows you to unify your lashes with the false ones to give an illusion of uniformity.
  • If you get a smudge from the mascara, don't rub it, take a brush and with your foundation, apply it to your smudge to make it disappear. 


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