As you may or may not know, Golda has an unconditional love for false lashes. I'm not telling you anything, it's sometimes complicated to choose your false lashes. Too long ? Too short ? Which glue to use?  Many questions remain unanswered. Today Golda presents you the solution to all your anxieties, with the majestic false lashes from Peggy Sage. 


Pre-glued false eyelashes: an essential for your cross-dressing 

When we talk about makeup and femininity, we quickly think of long black lashes that bring depth and intensity to your look. But how to get those beautiful feminine lashes without making it too complicated? That's exactly the question Golda answers by offering you the Majestic pre-glued false lashes from Peggy Sage. These false eyelashes will sublimate your face and give you all the femininity you are looking for. 


Golda presents you the pre-glued false lashes

The Majestic false eyelashes from Peggy sage are pre-glued, which means that they are attached directly to your existing eyelash thanks to a self-adhesive strip on the false eyelash. They are, moreover, reusable. Moreover, these false lashes are provided with an additional adhesive strip to allow you to exchange your strip when it is too worn. Golda reminds you that with the simple strip already on the lash you can enjoy many uses. Majestic false eyelashes are thin enough to give you a natural look. 


Golda's advice for use

First, gently remove the false lashes from the display. Hold them by the end and simply apply them to your lashes with the adhesive strip. From this moment on, your false lashes are applied. No additional glue is needed. Finish your eye makeup with a touch of mascara to even out your lashes with the falsies. Once you're done, reposition them on the display so they're back to their original shape. Remember that there is a right side, and a left side. The narrower side of the lash is the inside, and the longer part is the outside. 


Golda's little extras

With a brush tip, check that your false lashes are well positioned and glued.


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