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Athena natural blonde wig

Extreme length!

Natural hair wigs are of the highest quality, the price is expensive because the quality is there, the wigs hold up for a very long time. The donor of the hair for this wig comes from India, the length of the hair is 55.90 cm. The hair has brown roots and nice blond lengths. The wig also has a fringe, which can be easily styled with a blow brush or with a straightener and a comb. This wig is ideal for crossdressers who do not have optimal hair growth.

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Convinced in 5 points ! 

  • Human hair wig ; 
  • 55.90 cm long; 
  • Blonde colour with brown roots ; 
  • Straight hair; 
  • Perfect for transvestites.  


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing 

Create a Madonna or Britney Spears look with this long blonde natural hair wig. To style your fringes, simply straighten them while curling them inwards with a comb, or use a blow-dry brush. You can create a wavy look with the lengths or leave them smooth. Blonde hair softens the face and gives a wiser look... 

Length: 55.90 cm.

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