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Bonita long chatain wig

Beauty under a few loops

This is a marvel for women looking for a charming and feminine style. It presents a auburn and curly with a fringe to conceal the forehead. Easy maintenance and brushing allow you to maintain the chic and glamorous hairstyle. With this wig, you can get a feminine appearance without effort.

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  • Presents a charming auburn and curly fall
  • Turns you into a brunette
  • Easy care and brushing
  • Presence of a fringe to conceal the forehead
  • Allows for a feminine appearance easily


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting


The Bonita auburn wig allows you to have a feminine look in a few seconds. The length of 60 cm is important, because long and brown hair are very feminine and therefore very sexy. The fringe conceals the forehead very simply while the mouths at the end of the hair soften the hairstyle. It is possible to style them: fuzzy bun thanks to the curls or airy half mat. All hair extravagances are possible. Be careful not to do tight hairstyles, because synthetic hair does not have the same flexibility as natural hair. For the less daring in terms of hairstyle, the wig is also worn naturally to let hang the length of hair, which also gives a very sexy effect!


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  • Advice for use: attach your natural hair with a discreet elastic and flatten your hair so that they do not interfere with the installation of the wig
  • Our tip: for reasons of hygiene and comfort, we recommend using a net under a wig
  • Care: wash with a very gentle shampoo at neutral pH with a little warm water. Brush gently and without force to untangle them
  • Complementary products: net under wig, makeup box, sexy clothes for transvestites



  • Capacity: 1 wig
  • Composition: synthetic hair
  • Length: 60 cm
  • Size: single
  • Colour: dark brown
  • Characteristic: wig for transvestites
  • Brand: Dorcel
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  1. opheliaqueen - :

    mon atout beauté et féminité favori !

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