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Mastix wig glue (30ml)

Better fix for more movement.

If you want to be the queen of the night without anything betraying you, it is important to have the right equipment with you. And above all... a good glue!

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Convinced ... in 5 points!

  • For a precise pose.
  • Large format.
  • For wigs and light ornaments.
  • Plasticizer for make-up.
  • Resists perspiration.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Indispensable for applying make-up, false eyelashes, false breasts, and any other detail that would complete your look. It's unthinkable to miss your entrance with a wig that moves! Everything must therefore be well fixed, and that's the role of Mastix wig glue (30ml). Forgotten are the unnecessary risks of finding yourself bald among your friends or in front of the beautiful stallion you are aiming at. You embody femininity with your wig firmly attached and your lashes swinging.


Learn more about Mastix Wig Glue (30ml)

Mastix wig glue (30ml) can be applied locally with a spatula. It is used to fix wigs but also light ornaments (feathers ...). It is also used as a plasticizer on top of certain materials to improve their stability (eyebrows...). You can also use it to fix Dermogun modelling clay. Apply to dry skin and remove, clean with alcohol. Pay attention to the eye area.

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