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Metal wig holder

For the maintenance of your wig

A metal wig holder is ideal for maintaining and styling your wig. It offers a good hold and allows you to dry your wig perfectly. Its metal structure facilitates its storage and transport. It is the essential accessory for a perfect hairstyle of your wig.

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  • For the maintenance of your wig.
  • Metal.
  • Ideal for styling your wig.
  • Perfect for drying it.
  • Allows easy storage.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting

You are a fan of wigs for your feminine disguises and to maintain your wigs and keep them as long as possible, some beauty accessories are essential, such as the metal wig holder. Solid, made with 4 branches, it allows a good aeration of your wig after an evening to have sweated in. Ditto if you wash it. The metal wig holder allows a better drying.


Learn more about the metal wig holder

The metal wig holder is lightweight and can fit anywhere in your dresser as it can be disassembled in two parts to store it if needed. With its four feet with plastic tips, it has good support and does not mark the furniture on which it is laid. Rigazo offers products that have multiple advantages so don’t hesitate!

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- Brand: Ellen Wille.

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